Customer Satisfaction Survey
Please help us serve you better by taking two minutes to tell us about your product and service experience so far. We appreciate your business and want to make sure we meet your expectations.
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This survey consists of three short sections:

Section 1 asks you about your recently purchased product and your satisfaction with it.

Section 2 focuses on our Customer Service representatives and the quality of your interaction with them.

Section 3 is about us as a company and our competitors, and your opinion on how we fit within the market.

Section 1 | Product

Which of our products have you purchased recently? *

What was the main factor for you when purchasing  {{answer_41175018}}? *

Overall, how satisfied are you with your {{answer_41175018}}? *

And how likely are you to purchase any of our products again? *

Section 2 | Customer Service

In your most recent Customer Service experience, how did you contact our representatives? *

How quick were our representatives in getting back to you? *

How eager to help you were they? *

And how able were they to answer your questions? *

Overall, how satisfied were you with your Customer Service experience? *

Section 3 | Company and Competition

How well do you feel we understand your needs? *

Which company would you say is our biggest competitor in the {{answer_41175018}} market? *

How would you compare the quality of our products to that of our competitors? *

How would you compare our prices to those of our competitors? *

How likely are you to recommend our products to a friend or colleague? *

Why did you choose {{answer_41175041}}?

We'd very much appreciate your comments and suggestions.
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